Developing international business



This unique course considers all aspects of working internationally: cultural issues, logistical issues, communication issues, negotiation issues and selling across cultures.

Training objectives

As a result of this course, participants will be able to:
  • Understand the benefits and risks of working internationally
  • Access the help available to you as a business expanding internationally
  • Understand how local cultures influence business
  • Use different communication styles for different regions
  • Differentiate the cultural stereotypes from the real issues
  • Understand pricing issues across cultures
  • Sell and negotiate internationally


Business leaders, managers or individuals planning to take their business or role international.


A highly interactive one-day course involving practical exercises, role-play, case studies and self-realisation.

Special features

This programme can be tailored to your specific needs, whether that be more of a focus on one of the topics listed or discussion in the context of a particular country or region. One-to-one coaching or mentoring can also be offered for individuals making their first forays into particular overseas markets.

The expert trainer

Rob has spent the last 10 years helping UK-based companies to expand internationally through acquisition, partnerships and proprietary offices. He has helped in excess of 200 organisations around the world expand their business by taking advantage of international opportunities.

He has experience working with organisations in over 40 countries around the world. These include all of the G8 nations, the extended European Union countries and the BRIC nations. He has experience of a variety of industries, strategies and individuals.

Rob is qualified in the use of various psychometric tools, sales and process methodologies. He is enthusiastic, pragmatic and practical in his approach, using real life examples to highlight everything he teaches. He has been delivering training courses for 15 years. Currently he is helping a number of organisations with their international partnership development, with outstanding results, as the following feedback from clients amply demonstrates:

‘Rob’s greatest strength is in quickly ascertaining a client’s needs and gently nudging them to improved outcomes without ever making them feel “broken”. His first impression of being easy-going is quickly lost after hearing his sharp insights and seeing his ability to “get cracking”. Highly recommended.’

‘Rob’s understanding of different cultures, excellent communication and people skills played a very important role in building a successful international partners network.’

Course outline

  1. Understand the benefits and risks of working internationally 
    • When and where to expand
    • Exporting
    • Tax and financial issues
    • Legal issues
    • Logistical issues
    • Understand pricing issues across cultures
  2. The various models for international growth
    • Importing
    • Exporting
    • Opening a local office
    • Partnerships
    • Agents
    • Franchising
  3. Separating real cultural issues from stereotypes
    • Perception v reality
    • Personality differences across the world
    • Understand how local culture influences business relationships
    • Using different communication styles for different regions
    • Differentiating the cultural stereotypes from the real issues
  4. Looking at the help available to you as a business expanding internationally
    • Support from the UK government
    • Support from ‘where you’re going’
    • Expert support
  5. Sell and negotiate internationally
    • Different sales processes internationally
    • Are recognised sales models effective everywhere?
    • Negotiation basics
    • Applying negotiation rules to international business

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