Building confidence


This fun, activity-based, half-day session is designed to enable participants to better know, balance and so boost their confidence levels. This isn’t about transforming people; rather, it’s about moving towards a quiet and present confidence in daily life and work.

Training objectives

The aim of this programme is to help participants:
  • Explore and accept the fluctuating nature of confidence
  • Be able to use simple techniques to boost confidence
  • Identify some options for handling tricky situations
  • Experience behaving confidently in a safe environment


This workshop is appropriate for all levels of staff.


This intensive half-day ‘energiser’ session is based on a series of short formal presentations interspersed with practical exercises, giving all participants the opportunity to apply the key principles learnt through a range of activities. The emphasis is very much on experiential learning through fun and creativity.

We recommend a maximum of 8 people per group.

Special features

The flexible half-day format gives clients the option of running just a single session, or two sessions on the same day, or combining it with another ‘energiser’ session (whether for the same or for a different group). Feel free to call us to discuss the permutations.

The expert trainer

Will has twenty years’ experience as an independent consultant and trainer, specialising in management, communication and team skills: ‘helping people work together. A psychologist by background, he began his career as a Training Officer with GEC-Marconi, recruiting and organising the training of students and graduates. He joined Texas Instruments as Personnel Officer for a 24/7 high-tech production site, and later became UK Training Manager for the 1,300 employees. He then moved to Mercedes-Benz, providing an internal training and consultancy service for staff and dealerships, before setting up his own consultancy in 1992.

Much of Will’s consultancy work involves designing and facilitating team and leadership development programmes, and he is expert at using experiential team tasks as a vehicle for addressing effectiveness issues. He often creates and runs Away Day events to help re-focus teams following restructuring, downsizing or merger.

Will’s clients range from major private sector organisations such as HSBC, Unilever, AstraZeneca, Anglian Water, Barclaycard, DaimlerChrysler, Jaguar Racing, Mercedes-Benz, RBS, Royal & Sun Alliance, Texas Instruments, Volvo, to government and local authorities, to sixth form colleges and the Guide Association. He is a visiting lecturer in Leadership and Teamwork at University of Bedfordshire Business School and at the University of Mannheim European MBA Programmes.

Course outline

1. Welcome and introduction

2. What confidence is, where it is, what it looks like and feels like

3. Confidence Balance Wheel: looking at the pattern

4. Pairs activity – exploring stronger and weaker areas on your wheel

5. ‘Shields and Crests’ activity – depicting our own individual resources

6. Assertiveness: rights and responsibilities, behaviour styles, requests, compliments

7. Conflict Styles questionnaire

8. The 5 conflict resolution modes

9. ‘Story Cubes’ activity – improvisation in small groups

10. Some other tips for confidence building

11. Conclusion

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