Microsoft Excel – intermediate skills



One of the most popular and yet underused applications in the Microsoft Office suite. Whatever your role in the business, Excel has become a vital way to create, manage, and interpret data allowing you to analyse it and make decisions critical to the success of your business.

Training objectives

By the end of the course, you will be confident in going beyond the basic features in Excel. For example using multiple sheets, linking them to create formulae across sheets, use common functions such as Average and If statements and manage data in an Excel database.

In particular you will be able to:
  • Protect part of your spreadsheet to avoid deleting formulae
  • Create and work on more than one worksheet
  • Copy part of your Excel spreadsheet to a Word document and have any changes made in Excel updated in the Word document
  • Use features such as average, minimum and maximum to create statistical information
  • Create a calculation based on a condition. For example, add a £10 bonus to all staff who have achieved results above target
  • Extract specific information from an Excel database. For example, show only the organisations with more than 1000 employees


Anyone who has used Excel before to create and alter simple spreadsheets.


The training is very practical and objective that will have been prepared in advance to suit the skill levels and role of each individual within the class. The focus is on improving on what you already know but showing you more efficient ways of working to make you more productive. Participants are openly encouraged to discuss real-life examples from their own situations where they may be struggling with their IT applications so that they leave with personalised resolutions.

Each element of the course includes:
  • High-quality training presentation
  • Group exercises and team activities
  • High degree of participation and interaction

Training in Excel versions 2013, 2010, and 2007 available.

Special features

Become more organised and connected with our up-to-date and real life scenario training to help make you more productive and skilful in the workplace.

Our courses can be tailored to include any specialist topics such as advanced telephone skills, dealing with complaints, internal planning, etc., according to organisational need or the skill level of the participants.

Course outline

1   Going beyond the basics
  • Recap on formulae and absolute cell references
  • Design principles
  • Range names
  • Protection
2   Using multiple worksheets
  • Grouping across sheets
  • Linking formulae across sheets
  • Pasting Excel to Word (with and without links)
3   ‘If…’ and other functions
  • Using the paste function
  • Common functions
  • Average, minimum and maximum
  • Using basic ‘If…’ function
  • Using CountIf
4   Sorting and filtering
  • Sorting within a database
  • Using AutoFilter

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