Working with environmental responsibilities



This course follows the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health’s syllabus. A one-day programme, it is suitable for all people at all levels in the workplace and gives a basic introduction to the principles of environmental management. It focuses on:
  • The environment in context
  • Identifying environmental hazards
  • Environmental Management Systems
  • Controlling your environmental risks

Training objectives

On successful completion of the course, participants will be able to:
  • Understand the terms ‘environment’ and ‘pollution’
  • Understand the terms ‘hazard’ and ‘risk’ related to the environment
  • Better appreciate environmental issues generally, and specifically in respect of their organisation
  • Identify hazards to the environment from working practices
  • Outline the procedures/controls necessary to prevent damage to the environment


The course is intended for staff from any sector, regardless of whether they have supervisory or managerial responsibility or not.


A one-day course involving formal presentations, videos and workshop exercises. The inter-active nature of the programme requires that it be limited to no more than 16 participants.

The expert trainer

Stephen is a very accomplished management consultant and trainer with over thirty years’ industrial experience gained in a wide variety of sectors. In his fifteen years as a chemist / chemical engineer, he directed his career towards management systems and business performance, gaining extensive experience in the control of major design and build construction projects for the nuclear power industry by the application of formal quality management systems. In the latter ten years Stephen has specialised in consultancy and training of client organisations in the development of environmental and quality management systems to ISO14001 and ISO 9000 respectively. He puts his practical experience to excellent use in his training, which is invariably appreciated by course participants:

‘A good day made interesting by trainer – thanks.’

‘Experienced speaker, able to use real situations as examples.’

Course outline

  1. What is the environment? – putting the environment in context
    • Key environmental issues and how we contribute
    • Definition of the environment
  2. Working with the environment
    • What is pollution?
    • Sources, receptors and pathways
    • Environmental consequences workshop – identifying the environmental consequences of our working practices
    • Environmental risk assessment
    • Effective control mechanisms
  3. Protecting the environment – Environmental Management Systems
    • What is an Environmental Management System (EMS)?
    • What are the benefits of having an EMS?
    • EMS structure and models
    • Identifying what elements of EMS your company has and how they work
    • Roles and responsibilities.
  4. Choice of module
    • Option 1: Organisation-specific module
      – This module can be used to introduce environmental concepts that are specific to your activities and operations, and will be compiled through discussion with your organisation.
    • Option 2: Environmental best practice
      – If no organisation-specific module is required, or if participants from a number of organisations attend, generic operational environmental best practices can be covered instead. Areas covered include waste management, fuel storage and use, hazardous materials, emissions to air and water and environmental incidents.

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