Waste management



This course gives an understanding of the principal legal obligations associated with the management of controlled and special waste, together with practical tools for the classification of waste type.

Training objectives

On successful completion of the course, participants will be able to:
  • Understand the principal legislation governing waste management
  • Apply the methodology for waste identification, segregation, classification and disposal
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of all parties involved in the waste management chain
  • Identify opportunities for waste minimisation


The course is intended for all staff with a responsibility for the identification, storage, transfer and disposal of waste, including:
  • Health and safety managers
  • Environmental managers
  • Facility managers
  • Process and warehouse staff


A one-day course involving formal presentations, videos and workshop exercises. The inter-active nature of the programme requires that it be limited to no more than 16 participants.

Special features

For maximum benefit, we recommend that the expert trainer be given access to your organisation’s waste management policies and procedures, partly to ensure the relevance of the topics selected and examples used during the course and partly to ensure that session 5 can be tailored to your particular situation.

The expert trainer

Stephen is a very accomplished management consultant and trainer with over thirty years’ industrial experience gained in a wide variety of sectors. In his fifteen years as a chemist / chemical engineer, he directed his career towards management systems and business performance, gaining extensive experience in the control of major design and build construction projects for the nuclear power industry by the application of formal quality management systems. In the latter ten years Stephen has specialised in consultancy and training of client organisations in the development of environmental and quality management systems to ISO14001 and ISO 9000 respectively. He puts his practical experience to excellent use in his training, which is invariably appreciated by course participants:

‘A good day made interesting by trainer – thanks.’

‘Experienced speaker, able to use real situations as examples.’

Course outline

  1. Background to UK legislation and enforcement
    • EU Directives, criminal and civil law
    • Statutes, Regulations, Codes of Practice and Guidance Notes
    • Statutory duties
    • Civil and criminal liability
    • Enforcement
    • Sources of advice and guidance
  2. National waste strategy
    • Waste minimisation
    • Targets
    • Special waste
  3. Legal obligations
    • General requirements
      – Control of Pollution Act, Environmental Protection Act, Environment Act and related regulations
      – Health and Safety at Work, etc Act and related regulations
      – Landfill Directive and Regulations
    • Issues
      – Definition and classification of waste
      – Special and hazardous waste
    • Controlled waste
      – Duty of care
    • Special waste
      – General requirements
      – Special Waste Regulations
      – Waste Management Licences
  4. Workshop exercise – duty of care
  5. Organisation-specific waste management arrangements
    • Waste output
    • Routes for waste disposal
    • Waste management arrangements and responsibilities
  6. Management of controlled waste
    • Identify and describe the waste
    • Keep the waste safely
    • Transfer to the right person
    • Receipt of the waste
    • Checking (monitoring and surveillance)
  7. Management of special waste
    • Definition
    • Classification
    • Movement of special waste
    • Monitoring and inspection
  8. Workshop exercise – identify and clarify
  9. Links to environmental management systems and objectives
    • Organisation-specific environmental policy
    • Environmental management systems and standards
    • ISO 14001
    • Organisation-specific targets and processes
  10. Review and close

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