Stress awareness (CIEH certificate)



Stress awareness is a Level 2 qualification, which complements the CIEH Level 2 Certificate Health and safety in the workplace programme. It is aimed at raising awareness of likely sources of work-related stress, the range of symptoms and effects it can cause and the options available for its control. While the level of the qualification is aimed at general workers, it would provide a suitable introduction to the issue of work-related stress for more senior staff.

Successful completion will prepare participants to look carefully at their own work activities and contribute to the development of strategies to combat work-related stress, in co-operation with their managers and supervisors.

Training objectives

On completing this course, participants will be able to:
  • Explain what is meant by the term stress and, in particular, work-related stress
  • Explain the importance of controlling stress in the workplace
  • Explain the typical stress-related factors in the workplace
  • Identify stress in colleagues and themselves
  • Advise on and implement controls in the workplace to reduce stress
  • Monitor colleagues and themselves in relation to stress at work


This course is designed to be relevant to all levels of staff. There are no specific pre-requisites.


A half-day course with an assessment, the successful completion of which qualifies participants for the CIEH Level 2 Certificate, Stress awareness.

Special features – CIEH Certificate

This course follows the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health’s syllabus for its Level 1 Certificate. The assessment is by means of a review of the participant’s own work practices and is designed to be completed under tutor supervision following the training.

The expert trainer

Frances is a highly qualified (MA, BSc, FRSH, MRIPH, Chartered MCIPD, ACIEH) independent consultant and trainer in the health and safety/food safety field. Formerly a training manager in a large London hospital, Frances is also a registered CIEH trainer, a qualified food inspector and currently a senior lecturer at a London college. She has extensive practical management experience and is a very popular trainer generally but particularly in the hospitality and care sectors as well as with local and central government departments.

‘Having used Frances’s services for three years I am very happy to recommend her. She is reliable and self-sufficient as a supplier of training; and the feedback from delegates has always been that her sessions are valuable, informative and enjoyable.’ Training Manager, Red Carnation Hotel Group

‘Frances offers a very wide range of workshops in the health and safety field. Her in-depth knowledge and easy manner made her an ideal choice to deliver this training programme to our employees.’ OD Consultant, London Borough of Havering

Course outline

  1. Definitions of stress
  2. Stress as an occupational health hazard
  3. Identification of basic workplace stressors
  4. Development of basic controls for work-related stressors
  5. Responsibilities imposed under UK legislation

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