An introduction to environmental legislation



A thorough account of the UK and European legal framework and its requirements as regards managing environmental performance.

Training objectives

This course will help staff to understand:
  • The framework of UK and European legislation and its enforcement
  • The principal features of the legislation as they apply to your organisation’s activity/product/service
  • The benefit of having an Environmental Management System such as ISO 14001
  • How their own actions and decisions can either expose or protect the organisation in relation to its legal obligations


This course is intended for personnel within an organisation who are responsible for, or are involved in, activities that could have an impact on the environment. There is no restriction on who should attend as the subjects covered are of interest to all levels of personnel within an organisation.


An inter-active one-day course employing a mixture of formal presentations, video, workshop exercises and assessment. The exercises require that the group size be limited to no more than 16 participants, although the course can be re-structured for larger groups if necessary.

Special feature

This course is best tailored specifically to the needs of your organisation, to ensure the relevance of all parts of the course to your particular operating environment.

The expert trainer

Stephen is a very accomplished management consultant and trainer with over thirty years’ industrial experience gained in a wide variety of sectors. In his fifteen years as a chemist / chemical engineer, he directed his career towards management systems and business performance, gaining extensive experience in the control of major design and build construction projects for the nuclear power industry by the application of formal quality management systems. In the latter ten years Stephen has specialised in consultancy and training of client organisations in the development of environmental and quality management systems to ISO 14001 and ISO 9000 respectively. He puts his practical experience to excellent use in his training, which is invariably appreciated by course participants:

‘A good day made interesting by trainer – thanks.’

‘Experienced speaker, able to use real situations as examples.’

Course outline

  1. Introduction and objectives
  2. Introduction to environmental law and enforcement
    • Sources of law (European and UK)
    • Structure and enforcement
    • Key legislation
  3. Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) and Local Air Pollution and Control (LAPC)
    • Pollution and Prevention Control Act 1999
    • EC Directives on PPC
    • The meaning of BAT
    • Transitional provisions
    • Fit and proper persons
    • Control of emissions to air
    • National Air Quality Strategy
  4. Packaging and producer responsibilities
    • Who, what and how
    • The Producer Responsibility Obligations (Packaging Waste) Regulations
    • Obligations and exemptions
    • Registration
    • Recycling and recovery obligations
    • Records
    • Duties of the Environment Agency
    • Offences
    • Developments
  5. Waste management
    • National Waste Strategy
    • Waste minimisation (re-use/recycling)
    • Waste definition
    • Disposal and recovery
    • Controlled waste management
    • Hazardous waste management
  6. Proposed Legislation and EC Directives
    • EU Commission’s waste and resources strategies
    • Implementation of ELV (End of Life Vehicles) Directive
    • WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Directive transposition into UK legislation
    • Other producer responsibility initiatives
    • Other proposals from the EU
  7. Conclusion
    • Open forum
    • Summary
    • Close

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