Financial training

Financial training

All too often, people reach a management position with no formal training in finance. And when they do get any financial training, as often as not it is a generic programme, rather than one based on their organisation’s own financial management processes and procedures. Why leave your managers to bluff their way with accountants talking a different language? We have some outstanding finance trainers who can make the subject relevant by tailoring their programmes to your organisation’s processes and issues – and who can also make it fast, furious and fun, taking the fear out of finance! And did you know we’ve got an updated website? You’ll find even more financial training courses there.

Financial training courses and workshops

Red Arrow Advanced financial analysis This two day programme is a highly interactive and participative workshop that is designed to give senior executives and understanding of and the practical ability to use the key business financial skills to improve their business decision making.
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Red Arrow Budgeting and control For all organisations concerned to improve their budgeting process – and delivery against budget.
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Red Arrow Cost reduction Two days of expert advice on overhead cost management and reduction.
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Red Arrow Credit control and debt recovery – the legal issues A highly practical day of straightforward explanation and advice – from a nationally recognised expert in the field.
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Red Arrow Credit control and debt recovery – the practical issues The UK’s leading credit control trainer uses practical examples and case studies to show how to use debt collection techniques that really work.
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Red Arrow ‘DIY’ credit control and debt recovery Create your own draft training programme from this list of ‘pick and mix’ training modules – and then let us fine-tune it for you.
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Red Arrow Finance for the non-financial manager The definitive two-day programme – ideal for non-financial managers and others who don’t have a financial qualification or background and who need a greater financial awareness and a better understanding of the financial management disciplines essential to your organisation’s success.
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Red Arrow Fraud A practical one-day programme on fraud – why it happens and how to prevent it.
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Red Arrow Getting paid – telephone tactics for debt collection This thoroughly practical one-day workshop concentrates on the telephone skills and techniques you can use to achieve the most positive outcome in any debt collection situation – payment of money owed, as soon as possible, whilst keeping the collection cost as low as possible.
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Red Arrow Project appraisal and risk management A dual-qualified accountant / engineer  presents this highly practical two-day programme on financial appraisal.
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Red Arrow Unpuzzling finance Finance can be fun – you will enjoy this one-day programme!
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Other financial training courses

Finance is a challenging subject for many people, so to help them absorb the concepts more easily and see the relevance of financial management to their daily work we have put together a portfolio of programmes addressing the particular needs of different functions or sectors:
  • Finance for charities
  • Finance for directors (a one-day refresher)
  • Finance for FM
  • Finance for housing associations
  • Finance for HR
  • Finance for insurance professionals
  • Finance for lawyers
  • Finance for NHS managers
  • Finance for PAs, secretaries and support staff
  • Finance for project managers
  • Finance for public sector managers
  • Finance for purchasing and procurement
  • Finance for retail managers
  • Finance for sales and marketing
  • The senior managers’ guide to GAAP, IFRS and other accounting standards issues
Credit control and debt collection can also be a minefield, particularly for public sector bodies. It’s vital that staff are properly trained – and we have the trainer and the courses for the job:
  • Advanced collection skills for supervisory staff
  • County Court suing and enforcement
  • Credit checking
  • Data protection issues, debt counselling and financial hardship
  • Debt recovery by councils, authorities or government, eg:
    • Education sector
    • Health sector
    • Housing sector (current and former tenant arrears)
  • Face-to-face debt recovery skills
  • Late payment penalties and sanctions
  • Letter writing for collections
  • Liaison with sales regarding debtors
  • Negotiation skills for debt collection
  • Setting up an in-house collection ID
  • Telephone collection skills
  • Tracing elusive, absentee and ‘gone away’ debtors
  • ‘Train the trainer’ for credit control / debt collection
  • Understanding insolvency
Full details of any of these financial training programmes are available on request.

Still can’t see what you’re looking for?

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