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Director training and development

Whether your current concerns are compliance-led or more focused on the achievement of strategic objectives, our director training and development programmes can help you. Led by a number of highly qualified, expert trainers (most of whom have also delivered training on behalf of the Institute of Directors), these courses cover all aspects of effective corporate governance training – for private companies, quoted companies, international operations and also non-commercial organisations such as charities.

The programmes can all be tailored to meet your particular needs – and the director training and development ‘menu’ even gives you a ‘pick and mix’ option – but if you can’t see what you are looking for then we would be more than happy to develop a programme specially for you. Just give us a call on 01582 714285 to find out how we can help you.

And did you know we’ve got an updated website? You’ll find even more director training and development training courses there.

Courses and workshops

Red Arrow Business continuity planning and management Are you completely confident in your organisation’s ability to continue operating despite a major interruption? This very practical course helps you analyse all the issues that might affect your organisation.
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Red Arrow Business planning and strategic decision-making A practical, pragmatic one-day workshop led by an expert on the subject.
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Red Arrow Business strategy and decision-making A case study driven one-day workshop on how to develop credible business strategies and how to approach the necessary decisions on resource allocation.
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Red Arrow Company director training The core director training programme: a one-day course.
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Red Arrow Corporate governance and director training & development ‘menu’ Choose from a menu of 17 separate modules, any of which can be held on a stand-alone basis or combined to create a programme just for you.
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Red Arrow Directing change How to direct and lead change rather than simply manage it. A one-day workshop.
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Red Arrow Directing safely This one-day course aims to ensure that those at the most senior levels within an organisation understand their health and safety responsibilities.
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Red Arrow Effective board A one-day board training workshop to help ensure that your board operates in the most effective way.
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Red Arrow Family business board A practical one-day workshop led by an expert and published author on family business and closely-held company governance.
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Red Arrow Implementing the business plan Coming up with the plan is one thing, but implementing it can be quite another. This unique workshop will give you a kick-start.
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Red Arrow International director training A one-day programme focused on the different challenges faced by directors operating in an international environment.
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Red Arrow Social enterprise board A practical one-day workshop on the corporate governance issues specific to charities and social enterprises.
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Also available

As well as corporate governance training, and director training & development, we also offer various courses, workshops, and one-to-one coaching sessions on the following subjects, amongst others:

  • Corporate ethics
  • Building the boardroom team
  • Dealing with boardroom conflict
  • Finance for non-financial directors
  • How to buy or sell a company
  • Legal issues for charities
  • Legal issues for directors
  • Role of the Chairman
  • Role of the Company Secretary
  • Role of the FD
  • Role of the MD
  • Role of the Non-executive director
  • The values-driven corporation

Full details of any these programmes are available on request.

Still can’t see what you’re looking for?

Then please give us a call on 01582 714285, with no obligation whatsoever, to discuss your training requirements. We’re here to help!

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