Maximum Performance

Our management training and management development programme is aimed at middle and junior management level, since that’s generally where organisations have the greatest need. But every organisation is different, not just in terms of size and sector but also culture, learning needs & preferences, objectives and styles

Brilliant Workshops

How to deliver effective workshops to any audience. ‘Brilliant Workshops’ is a new book (and workshop) from Cyrus Cooper, Managing Director of Maximum Performance, designed to equip you with all the practical tools and effective techniques you need to run a workshop or training course effectively. Drawn from over 15 years of running workshops, the book and the workshop will help you deliver brilliant workshops to any audience.

Affordable SEO

The SEO-Pro, we blend professional SEO with imaginative, affordable web design and Social Media Management. When it comes to increasing the visibility, brand recognition, and sales potential of your business, our range of digital marketing services are guaranteed to deliver results.

Designer Eyewear

Black Eyewear offers a huge choice of iconic, vintage inspired designer eyewear, with prescription lenses available on request.

Designer Sunglasses

To date, Black Eyewear consists of more than fifty vintage sunglasses and cat eye glasses, each design is unique but the vintage essence can be seen and felt in every model, making them extremely contemporary in the current fashion.


Our purpose-built UK contact centre in Hartlepool manages a wide variety of communications activities from inbound customer service and support, to outbound sales activity. Outsourcing your outbound activity and telemarketing services to Respondez simplifies the whole outbound sales process.  Our clients supply the data and we provide highly trained, highly motivated agents and class leading technology to help maximise your sales potential.

Michael Bailey

Improve flexibility & form and actualise a calm, controlled state of mind with Yoga from Michael Bailey. Our St Albans Yoga classes, corporate Yoga workshops and luxury retreats, help to evoke a true state of happiness and mental clarity that only a well-balanced body and mind can feel. DistroFight

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