Training evaluation

If you want to build on your current approach to training evaluation, the choices can be bewildering. For a start, you almost certainly shouldn’t be thinking in terms of just one approach anyway – even if you are attracted by the most sophisticated training ROI metrics system, it won’t be the right approach for all your learning and development interventions. And ‘happy sheets’ still have their place! But between those two extremes, surely there is something ‘out there’ that would help you, if only you had the time and resources to investigate the matter thoroughly? Many training managers are in this predicament at the moment, so you are certainly not alone, but why not get some help? A number of our learning and development experts are specialists in this area and would be delighted to help you. If you think you could do with some external input then please give us a call – entirely without obligation – to see what we can do for you. We’re here to help!

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